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Take a T-Break: How to Control Your Cannabis Tolerance?

Cannabis is unlike other psychoactive that affect the brain or state of mind in some ways. While substances like methamphetamine kill brain cells and alcohol lead to mental Disconnectivity, cannabis makes you immune to its effects. In other words, the more you consume cannabis, the more you get used to its effects. As time passes, the same amount of cannabis ceases to have the same intensity. In such cases, multiple consumers turn to higher doses or more potent alternatives to feel the same effects they previously enjoyed. This is especially true for consumers who apply for 420 evaluations in Newport Beach and have access to medical cannabis. You can consult licensed doctors at MJ MD Newport Beach to find appropriate methods, doses, and frequency of consumption that will not make you tolerant to cannabis too quickly.

Always remember, there is a better way of experiencing the same effects of cannabis without increasing your doses or the potency of the doses. That is by taking a tolerance break. This will not only reset your tolerance but also give your body a chance to detoxify and not become too dependent.

What Is a Tolerance Break?

To begin with, let’s clarify what tolerance to cannabis, or more precisely THC, means.

Heavy and consistent consumption of cannabis makes consumers comfortable with the amount of THC they’re consuming. This can mean that a consumer will have to ‘one-up’ their dose to feel the same effects again.

In a situation like this, abstaining from the substance for a short period can be a great way to reset the cycle. Cannabis, unlike other substances, does not make consumers excessively dependent, it does however lead to a cannabis use disorder. In other words, those who want to abstain from its consumption can do so with a little help over a period of a few weeks. Ceasing all consumption for a little while (a few days or weeks) is enough to preserve normal brain activity. It’ll prevent your body from becoming too dependent or addicted to the substance.

When you consume cannabis again after your T-break, you’ll require smaller and less potent doses to feel the psychoactive effects of the product.

Why Reset Your Cannabis Tolerance?

Cannabis and its cannabinoids like THC tend to impact our endocannabinoid system upon consumption. The THC that enters our body sets off the CB1 receptors which lead to some temporary changes in our body. These can be a loss of balance, change in mood, deprivation of consciousness, hard time processing your memory, or loss of motor control.

However, persistent use of cannabis in high potencies can also have long-term effects on the body.

  • To begin with, your body will become accustomed to the THC high and would require stronger doses to feel the effects.
  • You’ll become more dependent on the cannabis doses for your improved mood. While THC might boost your mood when consumed, its absence from the body can bring your dopamine levels down.
  • Consistent consumption of high THC doses also makes you dependent. Fortunately, cannabis dependency isn’t as difficult to get over as the addiction that comes with other psychoactive substances.

Due to these reasons, it is always recommended that every cannabis user takes a tolerance break every few months to reset their cycle. Doctors, during 420 evaluation Newport beach, often recommend cannabis use for a few months on a stretch after which you should take a short break.

Ways to Temporarily Abstain From High-THC Cannabis 

Whether you need to abstain from cannabis use or not and for how long depends on a wild number of factors. Since cannabis can affect every user in a unique manner, every consumer has a different experience. For instance, some consumers are naturally more tolerant to the substance and have been consuming higher amounts of THC. On the contrary, some may have a low tolerance and only require minimal doses to experience the effects. In both of these cases, the tolerance break would look different for each consumer.

However, it is best to remember that our body begins returning to its natural state after approximately 48 hours of abstinence. At the same time, it can take about 3-4 weeks for the THC to be completely removed from your body. A tolerance break can vary between a week to three weeks, depending on how much and how often a consumer consumes cannabis.

How to Take a Tolerance Break 

You can make this period of abstinence a little easier on yourself. Here’s how.

Abstain from THC, Not Cannabis 

The tolerance that you develop isn’t for cannabis but a particular cannabinoid that leads to psychoactive effects. THC. Therefore, when you’re planning to take a tolerance break, you don’t have to eliminate all cannabis products from your routine. You can begin by switching to products with lower THC percentages and eventually shift to products that are THC free. You can still consume other cannabinoids for your medicinal requirements and treat your condition but without THC.

You can also mark a few days, like the weekend, when you’ll abstain from THC products while consuming smaller quantities during the week.

Reduce Your Doses

Another method of beginning your tolerance break is cutting down your dose by 50%. Even if it means that you won’t be able to enjoy the same effects, you’ll still experience its therapeutic benefits. Completely abstaining from THC after a long duration of consistent consumption can lead to a relapse. It’s always better to make the process easier for yourself by switching to different products or smaller doses.

Introducing CBD Isolates and Broad Spectrum Products

If your medical doses include both CBD and THC (along with other cannabinoids), find products that have all the necessary cannabinoids except for THC. If you only require CBD, prefer CBD isolates. Otherwise, find a suitable broad-spectrum product. To make the shift easier, opt for potent CBD products that can provide you with more relief and make up for some of the missing THC.

You can consult your MMJ doctor during 420 evaluations in Newport Beach to learn about the most appropriate products that you can consume during your T-break.

Do Things to Help Your Body Return to Its Natural State

You can actually support your endocannabinoid system to get back in the grove. You can start by doing things that would naturally increase your dopamine levels, activities that would make you happier, keep you calm and keep you healthy. Something as simple as meditation, yoga, working out, eating clean, or partaking in some hobby that you’ve left behind can be a great way to get through this period. It’ll also give your ECS time to reset so you can start from scratch again.

Cannabis tolerance breaks are a crucial part of your cannabis journey. Taking one after every few months ensures that you only require small doses to feel the effects and prevents you from becoming addicted. If you’re unable to take a tolerance break by yourself, you can consult an MMJ doctor via 420 evaluations Newport Beach to find the most appropriate solution.