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A Guide to Travel With Medical Cannabis Safely

With the rapid development of the marijuana industry, thankfully, the US has become a huge hub of marijuana users. Cannabis has been proven a great remedy against a myriad of ailments, including pain, anxiety, stress, depression, etc. And given this a lot of people all over the country today are applying for a medical marijuana card in order to use cannabis legally.

But even with such advancement, there are certain problems that still linger with the herb’s amazing reputation. And one of this is difficulty in traveling with it.

If you are an MMJ user in the US, you too perhaps have this question in mind- Am I allowed to travel with marijuana? You might have even heard that traveling with cannabis is illegal. But the situation here isn’t actually this straightforward. There may be several factors that you need to consider before answering this question. So, let’s take a closer look at the matter here.

Why is Traveling With Cannabis Problematic?

Before talking about how to travel with cannabis, it’s important to understand why it actually is a problem? I mean, why can’t we travel with it when it has been legalized?

Well, the issue here is that the herb is legal only at the state level. At the time of writing this, there are 33 states in the US that allow the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. However, at the federal level, the herb is still illegal.

As per the Controlled Substance Act, cannabis is still a Schedule I drug, which means it has no recognized medicinal benefits and is highly addictive. And thus, keeping it in possession at any federally controlled property, including airports, air space, and even the state borders, is illegal. For this reason, traveling with cannabis is problematic. But what about traveling with legal medical cannabis? I mean people are using it to manage their medical condition. It should be allowed to carry while traveling, right?

Well, there’s no specific rule or guideline for it. But traveling with medical marijuana may be a bit easier than the recreational one. In fact, people are already doing it. However, we still recommend you keep a few points given below in mind. 

Pack it Right

If you are traveling with cannabis, the one thing you must focus on is packing it properly. Now, you must not try to act smart here and hide it in a secret compartment or disguise it in a candy bag. Doing this may put you in extra trouble if you get caught. Instead, try to be as suspicion-less as possible and keep your stash in plain sight.

It’s also better to keep your cannabis in a transparent bag. And it should be properly sealed. If your stash is open, the authorities may think you’ve consumed it. Additionally, keep only a small amount with you while traveling. It’s better to carry only the quantity that you’ll actually need during your trip, no more.

Talk to The Authorities Beforehand

If you are planning on flying with cannabis in your possession, we recommend you talk to the authorities about it beforehand. Usually, TSA agents do not have any problem with a small amount of cannabis in your luggage. But still, different airports may have different rules. There are some airports that do not allow cannabis on their premises at all.

The same goes for airlines. While some may allow you to travel with cannabis in possession, others may not. Obviously, they don’t want any trouble with the federal government. Hence, it’s best to talk to the concerned authorities well before your travel.

Always Carry Your Doctor’s Recommendation

Whether you are traveling by plane, bus, or your own car, if you have cannabis in possession, you must have your medical marijuana recommendation with you. This will help you prove that you are using the herb for medicinal purposes if you get caught. While the chances of getting arrested due to cannabis possession are grim, a medical marijuana card still can help you a lot.

Don’t have a medical marijuana recommendation? We can help you get it literally within minutes. So, contact us now!