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5 Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Cannabis Questions

With a significant surge in cannabis use, questions regarding its safety, therapeutic benefits, and the infamous high intrigues people who have never tried cannabis before. Thanks to the evolving reputation of cannabis now we can easily find answers to a lot of questions. For instance, where can I get a medical cannabis card legally or should I get 420 doctors evaluations? However, some of the popular questions concern cannabis use in general.

Given the fact that medical cannabis is legal in more than 30 states nationwide, you need to note that cannabis is still in its infancy. Due to its federal status, which means cannabis is illegal on the federal status, the compound has not been researched thoroughly. This means that we only have a handful of research and anecdotal evidence in our hands. And with that comes a need to reevaluate and research a substance that is being used nationwide. Also, a popular substance that has flooded the market in various product forms.

To study the plant for its medicinal and recreational advantages the scientific community needs a budget. Unfortunately, something that is illegal on the federal level will never receive sufficient aid or material for in-depth research. But that does not mean we do not have proof. There are a few studies that show cannabis has several advantages. This is the reason why most cannabis questions can be answered easily through a simple Google search. It helps those who have a lot of questions regarding cannabis use. While cannabis has become increasingly popular, if you do not have a friend who knows how to consume marijuana, you may have a lot of questions that need answers. Here are 5 obvious questions regarding cannabis and their hopeful answers.

What Does A Cannabis High Feel Like?

One of the most popular questions asked by novice users – how do you feel after consuming cannabis or how does it feel when you are high on cannabis? Before we answer this question there are some important factors you need to consider. For instance, a cannabis high depends on various factors. These include company, place, and the quality of your strain or cannabis product. You see, place and company matters because a new cannabis user can experience a lot of things after taking the first hit. So, a comfortable place and a responsible company with experienced users can help you guide in the right direction. As far as the quality of the cannabis product is concerned you have to purchase strains or flowers from a trustworthy source. After all, nobody wants to ruin a good first-time experience.

That said, let us help you understand how a cannabis high feels? First and foremost, cannabis experiences vary from individual to individual. Some have reported positive experiences while others have a bad story to narrate. While everyone shares different, elaborated, and vivid experiences about cannabis high, here’s how a marijuana high is widely described. The highs or the euphoric experiences bring along haziness, elated happiness, giggling fits, deep conversation, accelerated thought process, and sometimes imaginations. Often the high is compared to that of the alcohol high, but cannabis allows an individual to gain more control of their mental and physical state. Also, before you jump on the bandwagon of cannabis use, don’t forget to read the label of the product. You will hence understand how flowers, edibles, and concentrates have a different effect on users.

What Is A Cannabis Strain?

Cannabis strains originate from the cannabis plant. They are engineered into various categories. For example, CBD rich strains and THC rich strains. According to individual requirements, each strain is bred and cultivated keeping factors like light, airflow, and soil in mind. There are different kinds of strains out there and each one of them produces a different high. Traditionally, you can categorize the strain into Indica and Sativa. Although the categorization is not precise. Because not all strains are created equal – some have both Indica and Sativa. Which, In turn, is known as a hybrid. The best way to earn everything about a strain is to ask your budtender.

The budtender will inform you how a particular strain was engineered or what are the properties of this strain? You can also inform them about the kind of high you would like to experience. You see, some strains have high THC (psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant) while others have low levels of THC. So, understand the properties of a strain before consuming it.

Is There A Difference Between Smoking And Vaping Cannabis?

Whenever somebody asks this question we always advise people to refrain from smoking or vaping. Because we all know that the coronavirus is a respiratory illness and smokers are at a high risk of contraction. Instead of smoking cannabis, you can try other forms of consumption. For example, edibles, sublingual, and tablets. Coming to the difference, to begin with, cannabis users have different experiences with vaping and smoking. So, they tend to stick to a chosen method. Smokers might prefer the traditional method. Rolling cannabis or packing their bowl. In contrast, vape users will enjoy the uniqueness of their devices. The main difference between both consumption methods is the combustion method. While vape uses every cannabinoid in the strain, smoking a flower provides the effect of fewer cannabinoids. This also means that with the help of vaping you can experience more with a few inhales.

Cannabis Is Legal In Which States In The US?

Medical cannabis is legal in more than 30 states in the US. However, recreational cannabis is only legal in 11 states. This means that you can use a medical cannabis card to get medical cannabis in the legal states or simply use a state-issued ID in states with complete legalization. All in all, you have to check and study your state law before getting into the world of cannabis. For the same, make sure you keep up with the latest news on cannabis legalization. Particularly, when you account for using recreational and medical cannabis.

The law surrounding cannabis keeps changing. Until cannabis is illegal on the federal level, you don’t have a choice. You have to follow the state rules and keep a track of amendments made in the recent cannabis bills. You can also find plenty of regulatory bodies online. They have specific information on the legality surrounding cannabis. You can learn whether your state allows cannabis or not, if yes how much can I possess and grow. Ideally, with the help of a medical cannabis card, you can grow up to 12 plants, out of which you can cultivate 6 mature marijuana plants. For possession, you can carry up to 8oz of cannabis without the worry of a possible arrest.

Can Cannabis Cause Health Problems?

You can find mixed opinions on cannabis use and how it affects an individual’s body. Some believe that it is not possible to get addicted to marijuana. Others simply say that cannabis addiction is real. Especially for people who consume high doses of THC on a regular basis. In fact, experts also believe that cannabis addiction may happen in some cases. However, you have to take note of one thing, cannabis addiction has nothing to do with the stereotypes. For instance, cannabis consumers are useless and they do not have a life, while scientific studies say otherwise. Most people with cannabis consumption history have shown signs of an active and healthy lifestyle with a good job.