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CBD For A Renewed Year

With every passing year, it is becoming clearer that CBD is here to stay.  Though it is still under review by the FDA, we have enough anecdotal experiences to know exactly what it is that makes CBD so great to treat such a wide variety of ailments.

CBD has morphed into a movement for the masses. Since it is a compound from cannabis it was previously banned in the United States. But further research showed that you could extract it from the Hemp plant as well and that is where the movement began. 

Previously, the only way to get your hands on CBD was through a Medical Cannabis Card. Now, even that restriction has been lifted. You can get CBD for anyone from old people to your dogs, it has kind of transformed into a cure-all for our generation. 


Why Are People Gravitating Towards It? 

These are the times of the anxious millennials, you look at what is happening all around us and you will see why the generation of today is scared for their future. It is a natural reaction and not a misplaced fear either. 

But CBD is more than just a crutch for anxious millennials, it is also for boomer that have issues with pain and arthritis.


How Are People Consuming It? 

People are enjoying this medicinal compound in a variety of ways. You get your standard infusions of food and drinks and then there is a complete list of tinctures, supplements and strains that you can use if you want to have some CBD in your system. 

Beyond this, there is an entire revolution taking place in the beauty industry that is designed with just one thing in mind. That is the incorporation of the benefits of CBD into beauty products. This includes makeup. Hemp has long been a part of this but not just CBD, 

So, be prepared to have your drugstore shelves full of products like blemish cream, sleeping mask, oil soaps and everything else in your vanity to experiment with CBD in their formulation at least once.  

But if you are a person who still like your cannabis the old fashioned way. There are some strains that you can grow in your garden. Provided you have Medical Marijuana Grower License.


Sour Tsunami 

This is a fan favourite and has been around for ages. It is a delicious strain. This is CBD dominant and contains a huge amount of myrcene, pinene and terpinolene. 

A direct descendant of Sour Diesel and NYC diesel, it retains the smell but with sweet undertones. 

Cherry Wine 

This is a comparatively new addition. It is a cross between Charlotte’s Cherries, which comes from the famous CBD strain Charlotte’s web with the well-known strain The Wife (again CBD).

Flavour wise what makes it stand out is the overwhelming sweet cherry notes along with the black pepper spice flavour on the second hit.

Aliens On Moonshine 

This is probably the tastiest strain you can try out just generally. It is not about CBD or THC but rather just a great strain. 

For this, all you need to have is a want for a nice fresh palate that enjoys tropical flavours, kind of like Tropicana cookies but gets you a little less high. IF you are looking for a nice, sweet, tropical, delicious taste from a CBD  strain, then this is where you should be looking.


This is a new strain in the world of CBD. This is a great strain and people are still warming up to it. It is a cross between Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud and tastes kind of like funky cheese with a hint of fuel. 

So, if you are deep into or are just starting out your CBD journey then this is where you should be concentrating. The best part about CBD? You don’t need a , Medical Marijuana Evaluation.


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