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Homemade Edibles: Tips For Beginners

When the US citizens were stuck at home with lots of time to spare, most of them decided to use cannabis as a new hobby. And that’s how homemade edibles rose in popularity. If you caught the wind of the growing trend and decided to join the bandwagon, go ahead. Cooking with cannabis is just as easy as any other recipe. All you need is cannabis and a recipe and you are good to go. Just to save you some time, I have some helpful tips that will make the cooking with cannabis experience a little easier for beginners.

But before you read further, remember to apply for a medical marijuana card. It will help you have easier access to cannabis and also get in touch with professionals who can guide you with the right dose for your homemade edibles.

Be aware of the strain you are using

Irrespective of whether you are cooking or smoking cannabis, it is important that you are aware of the strain you have. Each strain varies in its chemical profile. That’s what renders different effects to different strains. A change in the THC and CBD ratio can even cause effects totally opposite to what you want. Plus, knowing the chemical profile is important to understand the potency of an edible. After all, the last thing you’d want is an edible that’s either ineffective or too potent for you to tolerate.

So to have the best experience with your homemade edible, you must know the right dose. And that can only be achieved by knowing the strain type.

Maintain low heat and stir continuously

Cannabis and high heat do not go hand in hand. A slight rise in temperature and the cannabis quality will degrade significantly to a point that it’s not potent anymore. While cooking with cannabis, make sure that you are always below 338 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature will ensure that THC does not burn and stays intact.

To maintain the right temperature, use a thermometer while cooking. Also, stir the edible continuously, especially infusions, to avoid any burn. You can also add some water to keep the temperature from rising beyond the maximum level.

Remember to decarboxylate

If you are using dried cannabis buds to make homemade edibles, remember to decarboxylate. The composition of raw cannabis does not include THC and CBD. They exist in the form of acids THCA and CBDA instead, neither of which is intoxicating. So you will not experience the characteristic high and therapeutic properties of cannabis if consumed raw.

It is the decarboxylation process that converts THCA and CBDA into THC and CBD, respectively. Only then can you enjoy the therapeutic effects of cannabis. The good news is that you can decarboxylate cannabis at home using your oven or microwave. Just remember to keep a check on the cannabis as it can burn very easily.

Reuse vaped cannabis

The good thing about vaping is that you can reuse the vaped buds in different ways. One of them being homemade edibles. If you use vaporizers and have leftover vaped buds, don’t throw it away. Store it instead as they still have some potency left. The best part about vaped cannabis buds is that it is already decarboxylated. So you save time by skipping the decarboxylation process.

Take the vaped buds and add it directly into the infusion or edibles you want to make. You can even consume it as it is by sprinkling on top of recipes. Vaped cannabis has a burnt taste that may or may not suit your palate. You can try curing the already vaped weed to remove the burnt taste from the buds.

Spend time in making cannabis infusions

Steak, bacon, burgers, parfait, pizza, you name it, every recipe can be infused with cannabis to pleasure your palates and give you medical benefits too. But, most of these recipes are possible if you have a cannabis infusion available with you like canna oil, canna butter, cannabis honey etc. You can adjust the potency of these infusions as per your liking and then use them in whatever recipe you wish to make.

These infusions can act as substitutes for your regular cooking oil, butter and sugar. And they also last a long time so once you make your cannabis infusion, you can relax for several weeks.

Remember to label your edibles

When you are making edibles at home, it is obvious that they won’t have a label with an expiry date or date of manufacture. So you will have to make a label of your own. The expiry of edibles depends on the ingredients that are used. For example, a baked edible can last longer than a dairy product. Every time you finish a cannabis infusion, make sure that you label it with the date it was made and the number of days it can last as a potent edible.

Labeling is also important to make sure that any of your family members or a guest does not confuse the cannabis edibles with regular food.

Be careful about how you store it

While it’s easy to pay attention to the cooking process, people often forget about the importance of proper storage of edibles. While the gummies and chocolates from licensed dispensaries can last longer, the shelf life of homemade edibles may not be long if not stored properly. So every time you are working on a new homemade edible, follow these storage tips to make sure that it lasts long.

  • If you are living with children, pets or elders, keep your edibles out of their reach.
  • Store your edibles in airtight glass containers.
  • Store perishable edibles in the refrigerator with proper seals to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Avoid using plastic bags as they can ruin the flavor and consistency of edibles.

Always check the potency 

Before you indulge in any edible, it is important to always test the potency of your creation. It can be very difficult to dose an edible correctly, especially when you are making one at home. So take the time to try a small dose and observe the effects. You can adjust the potency later as per your preference.

If you use medical cannabis, it is best to consult professional 420 doctors or a budtender of a legal dispensary to give you better idea about the right dose. Because it’s very common to overestimate a dose and end up with a potent edible that’s usually beyond one’s tolerance level.

I hope these tips will help you have a better experience when cooking homemade edibles. So get your apron and start cooking!