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The Guide to Dab Your Concentrates

Inhaling concentrates is one of the best ways to feel the potent effects of cannabis. Presently, dabbing is getting a good mileage in the cannabis space. In simple terms, it is the flash vaporization of concentrates when kept on a hot surface. With a medical cannabis card, accessing cannabis becomes a lot easier. The common concentrates include wax, shatter, oil, BHO, etc. The main reason why people use concentrates is that they are a lot more potent than the flower.

Most flowers tend to have THC between 15-25% while concentrates have a much higher content averaging at 50-80%. You can even dab CBD concentrates. They don’t have the intoxicating effect that comes with THC. Well, if you are new to using cannabis, you shouldn’t start with dabbing. That’s because you won’t be able to handle the euphoria that comes with it. So, you’ll need a guide to get a hang of it. The process is pretty delicate and you need to do it the right way to dive into the best benefits. Well, you need not worry. We’ll guide you through the basics.

What Dab Tools do You Need?

There was a time when dabbing was only suited for seasoned cannabis users. Now, the landscape has changed. People want to try the dab and feel the potent effects it offers. It delivers better effects and can take you to new heights of relief. Well, before you get started, you need to have some dab tools:

Dab Rig

This one looks similar to the regular bong except that it also comes with nail fitting. The rigs are usually made of durable glass and come in all sorts of designs. So, you can always find the one that suits you the best.


A nail looks similar to a bowl and is an extra attachment that completes the dab rig. That’s where you’ll heat your concentrates and take a hit. Typically, nails are made of quartz as it has high heat resistance. Glass breaks at high temperature and quartz is a better fit. Titanium and ceramic are also popular choices that people use. Well, it’s important to get the correct size of the nail that fits perfectly in the dab rig. For example, if you have a 12 mm dab joint, your nail should be 12 mm too. Similarly, nails are categorized into male and female. So, if you have a female rig, you’ll need a male nail and vice versa.


This is the tool you use to transfer the concentrate into the nail. It can be made of glass, metal, or ceramic. Plus, it comes in various shapes: scoop, spoon, needlepoint, ball-point, paddle, etc. You should choose the shape depending on the type of concentrate you’re using.

Carb Cap

A carb cap is a great addition to your dab rig. It helps in regulating the air-flow. This is probably why the combination of carb caps and dabber is getting popular.


You’ll need the torch to heat the nail and vaporize your concentrates. In most cases, dabbers prefer to use butane torches while propane torches are also popular. These days, e-nails are getting pretty famous but they are expensive. So, it’s up to you what you want to choose.

Cannabis Extract

There are a variety of extracts available. But the most popular choices are wax, shatter, BHO, and rosin. They all have a different texture and deliver potent effects.

How to Dose Concentrates?

It’s important to note that dabbing is not for novice cannabis users. So, you need to be a bit careful about the dose. Well, measuring the dose can be a bit daunting. That’s because each concentrate carries a different concentration of THC. If you take a big amount, you won’t be able to digest the intense effects it offers. So, it is always advised to start small and gradually increase the dose as your tolerance increases. When we talk about the small dose, it is of the size of the crumb. That’s pretty less but it packs a lot of THC.

How to Dab?

Set up your rig and put your dab on the dabber. It is advisable to sit while taking the dab because the effects might be too intense for you. Once you are done with the set-up, just follow these steps:

1) Turn on your flame and put it directly below the nail. Heat it up until it just begins to get red hot.

2) Switch off the flame and allow the cool for around 45 seconds. Just ensure the surface temperature isn’t exceedingly hot.

3) Add the concentrate directly onto the nail and start inhaling slowly. You can rotate the dabber tip to ensure you use every bit of oil for yourself.

4) Cover your dab with a cap for better airflow and finish inhaling.

5) Exhale and dive into a lasting zone of bliss

Steps to Clean Your Nail

After a session of dabbing, it’s natural to have carbon build-up, reclaimed oil, and other particulates. Before you dive into another session, it’s a good idea to clean your nail. There are a number of ways you can do that:


One of the easiest methods to clean your nail is by heating it. Just switch on the flame and heat it to burn off any leftover carbon, reclaim, or any form of residue. Well, just be careful because the sudden temperature change might lead to crack. When the nail is red hot, just scrap off the to finish cleaning.


You can use a sharp dabber tool to scrape off the residue and clean it up


You can soak your nail in isopropyl or rubbing alcohol for 10 mins. Follow this process after each session and you will ensure your dabbing kit will be damn fine.

Well, dabbing is quickly gaining mileage in the medical community because you are able to take more cannabinoids in one hit. So, you will be able to dive into better benefits. A good idea is to take advice from a certified doctor.

420 Doctors Can Help

420 doctors are experts in the field of marijuana. All their efforts are guided by in-depth scientific research and analysis. So, they are aware of the right dose and how it will affect you. The doctors can screen your health and check if you need medical cannabis to manage your symptoms. Accordingly, they can provide you with an accurate line of treatment for your health. If you have been a medical marijuana patient for a while, and you want to switch to dabbing, the doctor can educate you about the different doses and how it will affect you.

With a little insight into the concentrates, you will mentally prepared to get started with the process. Be prepared for the intense effects and remember to start slow. Remember that the aim should be to dive into a satisfactory cannabis experience. So, you shouldn’t overdo it.