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Tips to Maintain Discreetness with Cannabis

Thanks to the rapid development of the cannabis industry, the United States now has a huge population of cannabis users. There are legal dispensaries and home deliveries available for consumers. And patients can get a medical cannabis card online which gives them more freedom to use cannabis for their health conditions. All this has contributed in making cannabis more accessible and less stigmatized among the masses. But despite such a vast consumer market, not all people are comfortable about making their cannabis use a public affair.

People’s preference for discreteness can be for a number of reasons. Some users are surrounded by people all day long. This may create a need to stay private. Others may still be facing the remnants of stigma and so are avoiding being too forward about cannabis. But whatever may be the reason, people can stay discreet while using cannabis. How? Read along to find out.

Get rid of the smell of smoke

Most people prefer smoking but don’t like the smell of smoke that lingers on after a session. They don’t love the idea of smelling like a lit joint all the time. Whether it is because of the family members or due to personal preference, marijuana smell can be off-putting. But thankfully there are several ways that can help with the smell. Here are a few methods you can try.

Post-session Clean Up

If you are a parent or one who engages with a lot of people on a daily basis, you probably wouldn’t want others to notice that you had a joint. So before you head out of your home, consider taking a nice long bath. Clean your hair and change your clothes as smoke particles can stick to them. Do your entire clean up routine including brushing your teeth. The best option would be to smoke before you are about to wash up.

Smoke in a well-ventilated space

Improper ventilation is one of the reasons why cannabis smoke sticks to your body and clothes. It has nowhere to pass to so it settles on everything it comes in contact with. If you are smoking indoors, make sure that space has good airflow so that the smoke is directed outwards. You can also make use of the exhaust fans or open the windows to keep the smoke from settling indoors.

Mask the smell

You can cover up the smell of cannabis with some other aroma. This way your privacy stays intact even in outdoor spaces. You can always buy yourself a pack of mints. Chew on one after every session to not smell like cannabis. Incense sticks and room fresheners are some very obvious ways to keep your surroundings smelling fresh and not like cannabis.

Try vape pens

If you prefer inhaling cannabis but are not up for the strong smell of smoke, give vape pens or vaporizers a try. A heads up, they are not odorless. So if you think that it won’t leave a skunky scent behind, don’t be too sure. However, it is significantly lower than joints. If you maintain a lower temperature, the smell would not be too obvious. Unlike smoke from a joint, vapors do not contain burnt particles. This is why the smell does not linger and vanishes quickly.

Despite having a less significant smell, you must try to avoid vaping in a closed room. Have proper ventilation, use exhaust fans or vape around a window to get rid of the smell.

Odorless delivery methods

If you are done with masking the smell and trying tricks to avoid smelling like cannabis, there are several odorless options for you to try.

Edibles are the most common way of cannabis consumption. You just pop them in your mouth and enjoy the experience without being too obvious. You can try different types like gummies, pills, chocolates, beverages etc. Sublingual strips are next in line. All you have to do is place them under your tongue and wait for a few minutes. They involve no combustion thus no smell. Sublingual strips also have a faster onset time than edibles. Tinctures and sprays are other ways of discreet sublingual methods.

Recently, cannabis transdermal patches have been very popular in the market. You just place it in a veineous area and they will deliver the cannabinoids gradually into your bloodstream. So you get discreetness with stable and longer effects.

Be careful about how you store your stash

If you need to be private with cannabis, pay attention to the way you store it. Consider these factors for storing cannabis properly.

Keep it out of reach. Your attempt at hiding the smell won’t work if your stock is open for public display or at very common places. If you live with a lot of people, especially elders, kids or pets, you need to hide your stash. Dry cannabis buds are not something that can be mistaken for something else. On the other hand, edibles can confuse others who may consume it thinking it is a normal edible. So keep your stash in a place where only you can find it.

An airtight container is the way to go for storage. Cannabis can smell even when you do not light it up. If you keep your buds in a loose plastic bag, it is more than likely that it will fill up the surrounding space with a strong smell. To be safe and discreet, keep your cannabis in an airtight glass container and store it in a cool and dry place.

Don’t overindulge

Getting too stoned is an easy giveaway of your cannabis indulgence. Avoid this by microdosing properly. Do not base your first dose on what your friend suggests. Consult your nearest 420 doctors instead to have an idea about the correct dose you should start from.

Overindulgence may turn into a miserable experience for some people. Nausea, headaches, fatigue and brain fog are some of the reported effects of overdose. Microdosing ensures that you do not overindulge in cannabis and stay in your senses. Every delivery method has different rules of microdosing. Get acquainted with them first and then begin your sessions.

Final Thoughts

The world doesn’t have to know about when, how and if you use cannabis. Faster developments in the cannabis industry have created new and effective ways to keep cannabis private and still have a wonderful experience. But if that’s something you are not open to yet, these simple tips can come in handy. So next time you use cannabis, use these tips and let me know if they work.