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Why Are Edibles the Best Way to Consume Marijuana During COVID-19?

Marijuana users have the liberty to consume marijuana in whatever way they prefer. Joints, tinctures, brownies, sublingual strips the list keeps increasing with time and research. However, the unexpected global pandemic has caused significant changes in the cannabis industry. From an increase in the use of telemedicine for recommendations and medical cannabis cards to home deliveries, changes are prominent. But one significant difference that came along with COVID-19 is the restriction on the liberty of cannabis use.

According to the data provided by Chinese healthcare officials, smoking has been associated with a higher risk of COVID-19 complications. It includes those who enjoy inhaling marijuana whether by smoking or vaping. This concern led to a sharp rise in edible sales in the US since the lockdown. Clearly, more people are shifting to edibles and prioritizing their health. This can indeed be the best option right now. Here are some points that support this shift to edibles during the pandemic.

Not Harmful for your Lungs

The reason why smokers are advised against smoking or vaping is because of the stress it causes to the lungs. Smoke and vapor contain several other components besides cannabinoids. Plant material, tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other harmful carcinogens enter your body with every puff. These chemicals irritate the air passages in the lungs and sometimes cause inflammation. This is the reason why frequent smoking leads to cough or sore throat in most people. Since the process of smoking vaping involves deep inhalation, the harmful chemicals settle deep in the lungs.

With the current respiratory pandemic spreading like wildfire, these factors can put you under a serious condition. The already stressed lungs may not be able to bear the burden of the novel coronavirus and you may develop complications.

Edibles, on the other hand, are not associated with lung problems. Because instead of the respiratory system, it is the digestive system that is involved in the breakdown of edibles in the body. So edibles are a safe bet during the pandemic.

Can be Made at Home

The best part about edibles is that you can prepare them in the safety of your home. Amid the chaos of the pandemic in the world, this aspect of edibles can prove to be a lifesaver. Quite literally.

Social distancing, quarantine and self-isolation, whatever you may call it, each of these measures is aimed to avoid exposure to SARS-CoV-2. Staying indoors is a priority to prevent getting sick especially for people who are the most vulnerable. Elders and people with medical conditions are some of them. So instead of taking a trip to the dispensary all you gotta do is prepare an edible at home.

There are dozens of recipes that you can try with cannabis. This process will also work as a wonderful pastime during the quarantine. You can try making cannabis infusions like canna butter or canna oil and then use it for cooking your daily meals. Or try your hand at baking and make the infamous cannabis brownies at home. Just make sure to check your dose before adding cannabis into a recipe. In case you are using dried buds, remember to decarboxylate them first, otherwise your edible will be ineffective.

Offers you Variety

Edibles offer you a wide variety to choose from. With time, the cannabis industry has found ways to move beyond brownies and cookies. Nowadays, dispensaries have an assortment of edibles for their consumers. Gummies are the most popular types. They are of different shapes, colors and flavors and are very convenient. Popcorns are next in line. Who would have imagined that cannabis would soon be available as popcorn right? If you are not a fan of munchies, then you may get yourself a cannabis beverage. They have varieties too. You can have cannabis tea, coffee or even lemonade. Drinks are in fact known to kick in faster in comparison to edibles. So you can give them a try.

Varieties can also be created at home, in your kitchen. There isn’t one dish that cannot be infused with cannabis. Steak, pasta or your favorite summer popsicles, you name it. You can turn your daily dose of cannabis into your favorite food. That’s a lot of variety to choose from.

Higher Potency

Edibles can give you a much stronger high than smoking. A higher potency can be beneficial for several medical conditions like chronic pain and severe anxiety. So if you have been looking for stronger and longer effects, consider using edibles.

This property of edibles is mainly because of the way it is processed in the body. Cannabis passes through every organ of the digestive system. However, it is the liver that plays the main role in developing a stronger high in the body. You may know that THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis. It creates a feeling of intoxication in the body. But there is another component that increases the intoxicated feeling. It is called 11-hydroxy-THC. It is not present in cannabis as it is but is created in the liver. This component has more bioavailability than THC and renders stronger effects after edible consumption.

Tips For Safe Use

If you have decided to shift to edibles during the pandemic, acquaint yourself with the safety measures before anything else. Each method has different rules to follow for the best experience and safe consumption, so do edibles. Here are a few of them.

1. Ensure portion control

It can be difficult to practice Microdosing with edibles. So do not go overboard with your dose. Consult 420 doctors or professionals at the dispensary about the right amount of consumption.

2. Be patient with edibles

Unlike smoke, edibles do not pass the respiratory system rather go through the digestive tract. Every organ that you know as a part of the digestive system (liver, stomach, small intestines etc.) processes the cannabis inside the body. It is only then that the THC reaches the bloodstream and the CB receptors and delivers the therapeutic effects. This is why it may take a few minutes or a couple of hours to show effects. So don’t lose your patience and wait for cannabis to work in the body.

3. Learn how to counter overdosing

It is common for people to overdose with edibles, especially beginners. You must be prepared for such situations. First, remember that it will pass so there is no need to panic. Second, acquaint yourself with the different ways to sober up from cannabis high.

4. Act responsibly

Edibles offer a stronger high which a beginner may or may not be able to tolerate for the first few times. So you must act responsibly to avoid unfortunate scenarios. Avoid any activities that involve alertness such as driving or cooking. Stay at home or near a trustworthy person to ensure that you don’t engage in risky activities. Most importantly, do not mix edibles with alcohol or any other drugs or medications.

Final Thoughts

Health is the priority at the moment. Since smoking is associated with health problems, edibles are your next best option. A healthy respiratory system and immune system are the most important defense against COVID-19. So if cannabis is a part of your daily necessity, move over to edibles to stay healthy.